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Phone Code: 90

International Access Code line: 00

In Turkey is used the national system of phone numbers of eleven digits. The first four digits indicate the area code or mobile operator (usually starts from zero), the other seven digits is a phone number. Non-free services or calls with payment of the receiving party starts with the index 0800.

The telephone system in Turkey has high quality and relatively low price. Most of the services are provided by Turk Telekom, whose blue payphones can be found everywhere. They are working with a prepaid card which can be purchased at any post office or kiosk. When buying real estate in Turkey, it is possible to connect the phone in each apartment or villa.

Mobile network covers almost all territory of Turkey, except some mountainous areas in the east. In Turkey operates three mobile operators: Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea. Each network has good coverage and quality service. You can buy SIM-cards of local operators, as well as recharge cards, in the official sales offices of mobile operators, post offices. To purchase a SIM-card, you must have a passport with you. In Turkey, there is no domestic roaming, and you can call from one city to another at your tariff. If you change the mobile operator, you can leave the old number.
* In July 2005, Turkey introduced the rules, according which imported phones must be registered (if the phone is used with a Turkish SIM card). Such rules are introduced in order to protect the internal market, to fight against smuggling and terrorism, as well as to fight with the theft of phones. To register your phone you need to pay in the local tax office state fee (115 turkish lira), specifying IMEI code of your phone. Then, you need go to the office of the mobile operator with the receipt of payment the state fee, passport and residence permit. (Registration can be done without a residence permit, but then the phone will be active only 3 months). The cost of registration depends on the mobile operator, may be from 10 turkish lira to 30 turkish lira.
If the imported phone will be used with a Turkish SIM card and will not be registered, the period of its use will be from 1 week to 1 month, after which the phone and the SIM card will be blocked. At the same time, other SIM cards used with this phone, will not be determined by the network.
Some rules:

  • On one passport can be registered only one phone.
  • One phone can be registered only 1 time in 2 years.
  • You can register your phone not later than 1 month from the date of entry into Turkey.
  • The registered phone can be imported and exported from Turkey unlimited number of times.

Network technology in Turkey got the widest dissemination. Internet cafes operating in all the major cities and resorts of Turkey. Many restaurants and hotels has Wi-Fi access point of high and middle level. In Turkey, the main provider of the Internet over the phone line (ADSL) is TTNET from Turk Telekom, which provides the ability to use Turkish city phone and access to the Internet via telephone line and fiber optic technology. Another convenient option of the Internet in Turkey is Superonline, which provides unlimited access to the network. Also, the mobile Internet is available all over Turkey.

Post offices in Turkey denoted by the letters PTT (Posta Telefon ve Telegraf). All PTT branches have exchange offices, carries out money transfer and can accept cash traveler’s checks. Also, there is an express mail service (APS), with which you can send letters, documents and small parcels in 90 countries. The post offices have special sections for phone calls. You can use the usual pay phone, or to order conversation in advance and to pay after.

Emergency numbers:

Phone code – 90
Police – 155
The gendarmerie (in the suburbs) – 156
Ambulance – 112
Fire protection – 110
Reference (phones) – 118
International operator – 115
Assistance in case of accident or road accident – 247 06 99

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