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Residence permit

Ownership of real estate in Turkey (in all parts) is the basis for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.
To obtain a residence permit, you must have in your own or belonging to wife (husband) property in Turkey. The parents under the care of children and minors, also can use this opportunity after registration of residence permit on property owner.
From April 2014 entered into force changes in the procedure for obtaining residence permits, according to which property owners on the basis of Title Deed will be able to get a residence permit for a period of 1 year, without leaving Turkey. Request for residence permit is submitted in local Police Department for foreigners (Yabancı Şubesi).

For registration of residence permit you must provide the following documents:

1. International passport (original).
2. International passport (a copy of the page with photo and the page with the date of the last entry).
3. Tax Number (issued free of charge in the local tax office for 5-10 minutes).
4. Color photos 3×4 – 4 pcs.
5. Health insurance for the whole stay in Turkey (cost depends on age).
6. The completed application form for a residence permit (issued by the local Police Department for Foreigners).
7. A copy of the Title Deed (the original must be in possession).
8. Certificate of the Cadastral Office confirming the relevance of TAPU.
9. Proof of address:

  • if a foreigner renting an apartment, need to provide notarized rent contract,
  • if a foreigner lives in a hotel, need to provide document of hotel reservation,
  • if a foreigner lives with a Turkish citizen, need to provide a notarized guarantee from the Turkish citizen.

10. Bank statement, which show the presence on the account of the amount, calculated of 500 USD per month of stay.
11. Receipt for payment of state duties and registration card.

For today the process of obtaining the residence permit takes from one to three months. Ready documents will be sent to you by registered letter to the postal address specified in the application form.
According to new rules, the residence permit can be issued for 1 year, after which it will be possible to renew the residence permit. If a foreigner has a property in Turkey and residence permit, his family members can also get a residence permit: wife (husband) if the marriage is officially registred, parents under the tutelage and children under the age of 18 years. All other relatives older than 18 years, sisters, brothers can get a residence permit only if the owner is a Turkish citizen.

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