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Health insurance

Travel to Turkey does not require special preparation, the epidemic situation in the country is calm. Tourists need to think about the means of protection from the sun: hats, creams with high sun protection, sunglasses. It’s not recommended to drink water from the tap, it’s better to buy bottled water. In first days after arrival, it’s better to sunbathe in the first and in the second half of the day, to avoid sunburn. You can also bring your first necessity medicines to help yourself in the first few minutes of an accident or exacerbation of chronic diseases.
Going on a trip to Turkey, do not forget about your safety. Medical care in Turkey paid, so better to have health insurance, which will save money to pay for medical services if will need to. Usually, the cost of health insurance is included in the tour price. Tour operators offer insurance with a minimum package of compensated risks that allows to keep the low cost of the tour. This medical insurance is optimal for travelers, who do not have a chronic diseases, not planning to engage in extreme sports or those, who are not retired.
If the travel agency does not make the health insurance or the package of risks does not suit you, you can contact the insurance company. First, tourist should try to envisage some accidents that can happen to him: all sorts of injuries, chronic diseases, sunstroke or sunburn, and others. Ask which insurance risks included in the insurance contract (Before signing a contract, you need to read carefully all the text, especially the fine print). It is necessary to clarify which accident will be recognized as an insured, how to behave at the time of the insured event, as well as information about the phone numbers, which clinics operates with, which services are provided and what costs are covered.

Medical insurance for the residence permit in Turkey.

In April 2014, the amendments to the law on foreign staying on the territory of Turkey entered into force. According to them, to obtain a residence permit or to extend the existing one, is required to do the health insurance Genel Sağlık Sigortası.
The insurance policy must necessarily be indicated:

  • yatak tedavi giderler – inpatient care,
  • ayakta tedavi giderler – ambulatory care,
  • ilaç giderler – drugs,
  • tibbi malzeme giderler – medical supplies.

If the foreigner is insured in his country and between that country and Turkey there is an agreement on the recognition of health insurance,  then it’s not necessary to do the additional insurance.

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