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Maintenance expenses

The cost of maintaining a property in Turkey

After purchasing property in Turkey, probably, all of you are wondering about maintenance cost of apartments or villas in Turkey.

There are several types of expenses:

1. After the registration of the apartment and obtaining the Tapu, need to get the subscribers for water and electricity.
If it is second hand property, the subscribers only need to re-register on the name of the new owner, then the costs will be: subscribers for water and electricity.

2. Insurance of the property in Turkey from earthquakes and natural disasters. The owner must insure the property in Turkey from damage due to earthquakes and other natural disasters. Insurance costs about 40 euros per year.

3. Annual property tax, which is calculated from the value declared in the Title Deed.

  • 0.1% – a tax on non-commercial (residential) property in Turkey;
  • 0.2% – a tax on commercial property in Turkey;
  • 0.1% – a tax on land in Turkey without a building permit;
  • 0.3% – a tax on land with building permit.

4. Payment for maintenance and servicing of residential complex (“Aidat”).
Buying an apartment or a villa in Turkey in a residential complex with a developed infrastructure (swimming pool, playground, garden, parking, sauna, fitness room, tennis court, security, elevator, etc.), you need to pay monthly aidat for the maintenance of this complex and for the provision of the aforementioned services. Usually, people who provide this service, live directly in the same complex and keep it in order.
Amount of aidat depends on complex infrastructure and volume of provided services. Services provided by the management company or by the residents of the complex by themselves, who create at a general meeting community of owners, headed by the chairman, which takes on himselve the aforementioned functions.

5. Utilities.
Water and electricity are charged according the meters, which are installed in all houses.
Water is an average of 0.8 euros/cub.m., including taxes.
Electricity is an average of 0.15 euros / kWh, including taxes.
Gas imported in the region. The cost of the 12 liters gas bottle is about 25 euros (for a family of 3 persons this usually enough for 2-4 months).
The tax on garbage disposal. The cost determined by the location and size of the property and can range from 5 to 40 euros per year. Final amount is established by the local administration.
Usually, the cost of utilities does not exceed 50 euros per month.
Also, you can connect a landline phone, fee for which is around 10 euros per month, and Internet (about 20 euros per month).

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