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We offer you a free* property viewing trip in Turkey
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Free inspection trip

Perhaps you have been often in welcoming Turkey and you know what a wonderful climate is here, friendly local people, rich history and culture, and so warm and clear sea, that you are thinking seriously: Why not to buy your own apartment or villa in Turkey?
With lots of photographs and plans, it is natural that you have a desire to see the future apartment with your own eyes.
We offer you a free* property viewing trip in Turkey, which will give you the opportunity to become better acquainted with the country, learn a lot of new, interesting and useful information, and most importantly, to see properties in Turkey, which we will select in advance according your wishes and preferences.
You just have to choose a convenient time for your visit to Turkey, and we will take care of the rest. Calm and thorough review of real estate in Turkey, accompanied by professionals, will help you to make the right decision and to invest your funds profitably.
We will help you to plan your trip, to make it maximum efficient and enjoyable.
You can always rely on our help and advice!

The program of “Property viewing trip in Turkey” includes:

1. Flight tickets*.
2. Transfer from Antalya or Gazipasha Airports to Alanya and back.
3. Accommodation in comfortable apartments (up to 4 days).
4. Joint breakfasts and dinners according the availability of our managers.
5. Survey of sights and Alanya city.
6. Meeting in the office – familiarity with the team of the company, a detailed discussion of the projects.
7. View objects: a trip by car accompanied by English speaking manager.
8. Selection of the object and signing the contract.
*Refund of the cost of the flight tickets is possible after the signature of the contract.

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