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Turkish Health Care System consists of three main types of medical institutions: government, university and private clinics. The quality of the equipment and competence of employees most of public and private hospitals in Turkey meets international standards and even surpass them. Cheap air travel, combined with the professionalism of clinics in Turkey, offering high-quality medical services at relatively low cost, makes Turkey a serious competitor to Germany and Israel.
Low cost of treatment in Turkey combines with the excellent quality of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
In some cases, the prices for medical services in Turkey are comparable with European domestic prices, but the quality of services and equipment of hospitals in several times higher.
To date, some of the largest private hospitals and medical centers in Turkey have made an unprecedented spurt in the introduction of new medical technologies. Their doctors got an excellent education and a thorough practice in the best American and European medical schools and hospitals.
Turkey has every reason to become a new leading destination of mass medical tourism. Statistics of clinics in Turkey over the last three years shows an annual increase of the number of patients from Germany, England, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, the USA and the Middle East.
Their choice is not random:

  • From recent time Turkey has become a serious competitor for Israel, and Europe, including Germany, by quality of medical services. In Turkey, a large number of clinics accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) –  43! In Germany, for example, only 5 such clinics, and in Israel – 3.
  • Due to the strict domestic price policy of the state, clinics in Turkey offer a price 2-3 times lower than in Europe, the USA and Israel, providing high quality services and using medical equipment from leading manufacturers.
  • It is in Turkey, particularly in Antalya, today prefer to operate the best plastic surgeons of Turkey. Many of them have worked for many years in clinics in America and Europe, and after they “returned home” not accidentally choose life and work in the tourist capital of the Mediterranean.
  • In Turkey opened one of the five European laboratories, which analyzing the human genetic code. It is the leading technique in the world of dietetics. The cost of such test, visiting a doctor and recommendations to patient in Antalya 3 times lower than prices in the USA laboratory.
  • Several Turkish clinics, including the Center for radiotherapy of medical group «Medical Park» in Antalya, are deservedly considered one of the best cancer centers in Europe, where doctors help not to live out life, but to extend it as much as possible. Medical Center «Medical Park» is equipped with the most advanced technologies such as nuclear medicine, radiation oncology and bone marrow transplantation.
  • For the past 5 years in Turkey operate clinics, specializing in reproductive technologies. Two such centers are the leaders in Europe for a successful performance in carrying out of IVF (in vitro fertilization).
  • There is an ophthalmologic center in Antalya, equipped with the best European and American equipment, which provides the most modern operations in the field of laser vision correction and microsurgery of difficult eye diseases. Special programs within the medical tourism, “Rest with good for the eyes”, are popular among foreign patients from European countries

Some statistics, which shows the current status of Turkey in world medicine. Just the facts.

  • The world’s largest network of eye clinics – Turkish group clinics «World Eye Centers» (Dunya Goz). The network includes 16 hospitals in Turkey and Europe, one of which is located in Antalya.
  • One of the world’s largest health care holdings – Turkish medical group «Medical Park». Best clinic – in Antalya.
  • Medical Group «Memorial» in its last accreditation Joint Commission International, received 99 points out of 100, showing a significantly higher result than most medical institutions in Europe.
  • Center for IVF (in vitro fertilization and genetics) of clinic «Memorial» is one of the leaders in Europe through the use of micro-injection technique (ICSI), and other unique methods, and is one of the best clinics in Europe on efficiency of treatment.
  • In the complex «Memorial» was created an International consolidating center,  in which are carried out transplantation of various organs (Multi Organ Transplant Center). The success of the transplant center clinic «Memorial» in the field of liver transplantation is 98%.
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery in clinics in Turkey put on a stream. The percentage of deaths in cardiac surgery department of Hospital «Memorial» and «Medical Park» less than 1% (this percentage in developed countries is 1-3%). The percentage of infectious complications is lower than the world standard. Cost is 2 times lower than European prices.
  • Medical center «Anadolu» is affiliated with leading USA medical center of Johns Hopkins, which already 19 years is recognized as best hospital of USA.
  • In the «Anadolu» center uses the most innovative medical technologies, such as, Cyberknife. This spatial scalpel is the most recent radiological technology that is available just in few centers in Europe.
  • Medical Corporation «Acıbadem» is a partner of one of the leading USA health organizations – Harvard Medical Center. Corporation «Acıbadem» introduced the world’s first intraoperative MRI diagnosis and the results of the use of devices with a capacity of 3 Tesla became a technological breakthrough.

20 years of public and private investment in health in Turkey gave an impressive results: today in Turkey medicine offers to patients various methods of examination and treatment at the level of world standards and at economical prices.
Turkey expects to attract more than 1 million foreign patients:

  • from Central and Western Europe, where patients spend a long time waiting for the necessary medical procedures, since their own health care system do not have enough personnel and capacities, as well as the prices are higher for similar medical services;
  • from Eastern Europe, where the level of development of medicine is much lower than opportunities of Health Care in Turkey.

Why do so many patients choose medical treatment abroad, in Turkey?

  • Better quality of service in clinics and medical centers in Turkey, it’s the first thing that say many “medical travelers” with the experience. At the same time, equipment and the possibility of medical centers in Turkey far exceed anything that they have at home country.
  • Treatment of diseases that are not covered by insurance. In Europe or the United States the cost of the same procedure or examination is several times higher.
  • Absence of necessary treatment or examination at home country. The possibilities of modern medicine are enormous, but number of countries, where they are available for the actual treatment of patients, is limited, especially in Eastern Europe.
  • Absence of waiting period for necessary treatment or examination.

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