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State symbols of Turkey – emblem and flag – contains crescent and five-pointed white star on a red background. Modern symbolism is well respected among the population and placed in public and private institutions, as well as in houses and apartments in Turkey.

Flag of Turkey 

The history of its origin has several interpretations, but obviously can say that it inherited from the symbolism of the Ottoman Empire, which existed until 1923 on the territory of today’s Turkey. Red was the color of the Empire in the XIX century. It is believed that red Turkish flag leads the beginning of Umar, the ruler of the Arab Caliphate in 634-644, the conqueror of territories of Egypt, Palestine and Mesopotamia. For a long time Turkish flag was green (the sacred color according to the Islamic interpretation), while in 1793 by decree of Sultan Selim III red became an official color. The star on the flag first appeared at the beginning of the XIX century, at the time portrayed the seven or eight-pointed. In 1844 appeared five-pointed star. Shortly before its dissolution in 1918, the national flag of the Ottoman Empire was red, where the image of crescent and five-pointed star was repeated three times. Modern Turkish flag approved on May 29, 1936.

Turkey Coat of Arms

Republic of Turkey has no officially approved state emblem. Instead, there are often used the emblem – a red oval with the image of a vertical white crescent and star, similar to those, which shown on the national flag of the country, supplemented by the official name of the state in the Turkish language.

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