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Zoom Property has many years of experience in the Turkish real estate and has successfully provided quality services to clients from all around the world in the field of real estate, construction, investment and other services.
In Zoom Property gathered the best specialists with high qualifications and wide experience in their field, to provide the highest quality of all the services, what gives to each customer the opportunity to purchase a property in Turkey on most beneficial terms and at minimum cost of their own time and efforts.
We will take care that your investment would be not only profitable, but also maximum secure.

The range of our services includes:

1. The selection of properties in accordance with the wishes of the client, providing full information about the characteristics of objects, free property viewing trip in Turkey*, presentation of real estate on place, consultation concerning the purchase of the property and further exploitation.

2. The research and expert assessment of real estate, and in particular:

  • analysis of the registration records of the object;
  • check for the corresponding actual and legal status of the property;
  • verification of the absence of encumbrances (arrest, mortgages, debentures);
  • checking out if were carried out activities, relating to nationalization or alienation of the real estate object by any  organization or government authorities;
  • verification of the absence of debts to the state authorities (tax, utility payments);
  • check for authorization for exploitation;
  • checking the quality of construction of the property, electrical wiring, water supply systems.

3. In case if the land is the object of the real estate:

  • an expert valuation of the land;
  • check for construction plan and conformity to this plan;
  • quality control of construction;
  • as well, we can offer you various options for construction.

4. Preparation of a full package of documents, required for registration of ownership of real estate in Turkey, in compliance with legislation. Help in processing mortgage loan.
After the purchase of real estate in Turkey and registration of property titles, there are number of questions which immediately raises to our customers, related to the equipping the purchased property in Turkey, its maintenance and other tasks. Many of these questions require certain knowledge of subtleties and specifics of the market, and the time, which often is not enough for our customers.

Therefore, we offer to our customers a full list of after-sales services:

  • conclusion of subscriber contracts for services of power supply, water supply, telephone, internet;
  • expert consultation during choosing furniture and accessories for the interior;
  • consultation for insurance of real estate;
  • organization of cleaning and airing of the apartment on request;
  • monitoring the technical conditions, checking electrical and water communications, heating and air conditioning, call the technical service on request;
  • organization of renovation;
  • transfer from the airport and back;
  • rent a car;
  • consultation when buying a car;
  • assistance in purchasing tickets;
  • organization of touristic trips, excursions;
  • get / prolong permit of residence;
  • opening a bank account;
  • property insurance / medical insurance;
  • rent out your property in Turkey

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