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Buying process

After you have selected a property in Turkey, starts the process of its registration of ownership.

1. Conclude the contract of purchase and sale between the seller and the buyer in two languages (Turkish and English).
The contract specifies the data of the buyer and seller, information of the selected property in Turkey, the cost of the property, the size of the deposit and the following schedule of payments, terms of the deal, terms of registration of property in Turkey and other conditions.

2. Obtaining TIN (taxpayer identification number)
TIN is required for registration of property in Turkey, for payment of property taxes, state fees, for the use of banking services. The procedure of obtaining TIN is very simple and takes only 5-10 minutes. Issued free of charge.

3. To submit the documents in the Cadastral Office for the registration of ownership (Tapu) on the acquired property. The procedure for registration of real estate in Turkey from the time of submission of documents to obtain Tapu, according new rules, take 3-5 working days.

Registration of the property in Turkey includes the following expences:

  • one-time tax when buying property in the amount of 4% of the cadastral value, which in practice is always lower than the market price;
  • the state duty for registration of Tapu, municipal and cartographic  fee, according to the rates set by local government authorities;
  • service of translator

4. Get the Tapu
After obtaining a permit from the government authorities, delivery of Tapu (certificate of ownership) occurs in the Cadastral Office, in the presence of the seller, buyer and a sworn translator.
To this moment, full settlement between buyer and seller must be done, as well must be paid all taxes and state fees.
Tapu is the only legal document, certifying the right of ownership of property in Turkey, implies full and timeless possession of certain property. This right can not be challenged even in court.

Tapu includes:

tapu example.jpg 1. Address of the land on which your property in Turkey is located;
2. Color photograph of the holder;
3. The data of land registration in the Cadastral Office;
4. Description of land according the information of Cadastral Office;
5.The area of the land of the new owner of the property;
6. Condition of property of the new owner;
7. Cadastral value of the acquired property;
8. Information about the previous owner (or owners);
9. Information about new owner (or owners);
10. Date of acquisition of this property by the previous owner;
11. Number of Title Deed of the previous owner of the object;
12. Details of new Tapu;
13. Date of acquisition of this property by the new owner;
14. Signature of the authorized person of Cadastral Office and Stamp.

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